Summary of the Summary

Shayne Hodge is a geek who went to business and law school who is still very fond of math and academic journals but cares more about product strategy, team development, and growing profitable businesses around shiny new tech. He hates writing about himself in the third person.


(The following tends to be borrowed from my LinkedIn account, which I suggest visiting, along with my resume).

Seasoned business/engineering leader specializing in solving problems requiring both business and technical expertise. Extensive experience in customer-facing roles. Cross-disciplinary background (MSEE/JD/MBA) with significant experience in IoT, data science & analytics, management consulting, databases and warehousing, and SaaS.

Skill overview:

  • Data Scientist #0 at SnapLogic. Also the Designated IoT Person, part-time Product Manager, and Unofficial Manger, Department of Et Cetera. Work on analyzing internal platform data (MongoDB, Python, Spark, Scala, JavaScript, various viz tools); analyzing customer use cases; creating example use cases and associated marcom; PM data-related features; work with SnapLabs on future products; work on product enhancements; drive new product analysis plumbing; build IoT devices; mentor interns; occasional blogger and talking head.
  • Customer Success Engineer at Jut.io until its business model change / massive reorganization eleven days into my tenure. Responsible for customer onboarding, writing code for customers, working with engineering, product management, QA and DevOps, along with more general technical marketing duties.
  • Recent projects at Cisco include: (a) large-area asset tracking using heterogeneous sensor technologies; (b) real-time inventory monitoring and visualization; (c) Smart City / transportation / supply-chain / robotics demo using ‘fog’​ computing and various pub/sub messaging applications and NoSQL databases.
  • Recently led back-end development and overall deployment of a novel real-time retail analytics solution for a Fortune 500 customer.
  • Proficient in data-science/scientific, full-stack and IoT programming. Python primarily (including PySpark); also Scala, Clojure, Javascript (jQuery, React, d3), Matlab, R, SQL, Arduino (C), etc.
  • Diverse technical background & experience, including IoT/IoE, mobile and cloud computing, Linux, networking, microprocessor and computer architecture, databases, DSP, data analytics and computer graphics.
  • Excellent presentation skills, with extensive public speaking experience.